"Hands Up!"

Dublin Core


"Hands Up!"


"A young black girl lifts her baby hands up to greet the sun, reaches her hands up for a book on a high shelf, and raises her hands up in praise at a church service. She stretches her hands up high like a plane's wings and whizzes down a hill so fast on her bike with her hands way up. As she grows, she lives through everyday moments of joy, love, and sadness. And when she gets a little older, she joins together with her family and her community in a protest march, where they lift their hands up together in resistance and strength."


Breanna J. McDaniel, Shane W. Evans


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Breanna J. McDaniel, Shane W. Evans, “"Hands Up!",” Representation in Literature, accessed July 24, 2024, https://representationmatters.omeka.net/items/show/3.